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Operation Transformation: Simple Maths

Calorie maths

Whether you’re a few weeks into your weightloss journey or just starting, research shows it takes about 12 weeks on average to form new habits, so here is some more info and inspiration to help you keep going…..First of all, a quick reminder of the prizes up for grabs when you register for the FREE Operation Transformation weigh ins in McGorisk’s Pharmacy:

  • A €250 shopping spree in Athlone Towncentre and your own personal shopper to help you chose your new wardrobe for your new body.
  • A €1000 donation from Athlone Towncentre to your local, community sports group.
  • A €150 Athlone Towncentre voucher.

Read more about the prizes here!

Exercise & Nutrition Tips

It’s simple maths really – we put on weight when the amount of calories we eat exceeds the amount of calories we burn – so the healthiest and most effective way to make a lasting, sustainable change is through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

An average man needs about 2,500 calories a day and an average woman about 2,000 calories to stay the same weight. So, we should aim to reduce our calorie intake and exercise more to burn more calories and achieve a safe, steady rate of weight loss that can last a lifetime.

The following exercise plan is recommended for adults who are generally fit and have no health conditions that limit their ability to exercise:

  • At least 150 minutes (30 minutes on at least five days of the week) of moderate-intensity exercise every week) e.g.cycling, swimming, jogging or brisk walking, every week. You know you’re working at a moderate intensity if you’re able to talk but unable to sing the words to a song.
  • Muscle-strengthening exercise twice a week e.g. yoga, sit ups, push-ups
  • Taking the active alternative where possible e.g. walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift, standing up on public transport

To help you stick to your diet and exercise goals, you should try out the new range of energy bars in Mcgorisks including; Quest bars, 9bars, Nakd bars and Bounce balls

Also check out the exercise range in Tiger – They have an exclusive 10% discount for those taking part in the challenge.

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