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Beat the School Rush – Back to School Essentials

Back to School

So only a short number of years ago, I would have been one of those people who couldn’t understand back to school promotions before the school year had even finished!  Skip forward to today and I’m flying through my back to school checklist and it’s not even the end of June. What I have come to understand with kids is that preparation is EVERYTHING and there’s great bargains to be had if you can be prepared.  So when the book list arrived home in my little ones bag, it was straight into Eason where their book list drop off service has even saved me the time of having to wander confused through aisles of books!

So how does it work … exactly as the name suggests … simply fill out your required list of books (or like me, just staple the list received from the school inside!), drop in store & let the team in Eason do all the leg work then they’ll text you when it’s ready to collect.  They even offer a book covering service.  It’s half price on stationary in store at the moment and if you order before the 14th of July you can get 10% OFF all school text books…. Time saved, money saved, pressure off!

When it comes to uniform essentials, it’s hard to beat M&S in terms of quality.  Their uniforms are designed with kids in mind with new technologies such as Stain Away TM, Triple Action Stormwear TM, Easy close top button, Expandicuff TM plus a variety of different fits and lengths.   Also many of the ranges feature crease resistance technology and there’s lots of non-iron options (this caught my attention straight away!!)

The M&S Early Bird offer also means that you can pick up a whopping 20% OFF your little ones uniforms if you’re quick – that’s on everything from uniform basics to sportswear to shoes.  This offer ends on the 4th of July but my advice is not to wait as it sells out fast and you want to be sure of getting your required sizes etc.

My entire Back to School list has been checked off in less than one lunch break in Athlone Towncentre, still leaving me time to grab a bite before getting back to the grindstone!  It definitely beats the last minute panic in August when I’d be frantically looking for sizes as well as paying full price.   And another plus… I reckon a can justify a little mooch around the Summer Sales this week with my saving, though despite my best intentions of spending on myself – lets be real – you always come home with more for the kids!

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to relax and enjoy spending the Summer with the kids without the back to school pressure hanging over us!

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