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When I told all my Mammy friends that I do all my Back to School Shopping in June, their eyes rolled, but when I told them why, their jaws dropped…..

What if I told you that last year, by just being clever and knowing where to shop and when to shop, I saved enough to completely cover the cost of my kids’ summer camps and get myself some guilt free treats in the summer sales? Keep reading to find out how I did it….

I know it’s very tempting to throw them to one side, but when the book lists arrive home to our house, instead of burying them in bottom of my handbag until the end of the holidays, I head straight into Eason because I know that they offer 10% OFF School Books and up to 50% OFF stationery, but only until mid-July!

Not only do I save loads of money doing this, I also save loads of time because of their Book List Drop OFF Service!

How does that work?… Exactly as the name suggests … simply pick up a form in store, fill out your required list of books (or like me, just staple it inside!), drop it back into Eason and just wait for the text to say your books are ready to collect! They say within 7 days, but mine we’re ready in two, and they even offer a book covering service!

Every year Marks & Spencers kick off their Back to School campaign in June,  with a substantial 20% OFF School Uniforms, but here’s the catch…..this early bird offer only ever runs for a few weeks and it’s ending on Tuesday, July 3rd, so there’s really not that long left!

As you can imagine, with a discount as good as this, stock sells out fast, so get in good and early to be sure of getting the items and sizes you need. I usually take advantage of the Thursday/Friday late night shopping hours to bring the kids in to try things on.

This massive discount really makes a difference to parents’ pockets, especially if you have multiple kids to buy for, and as well as low prices, I find it hard to beat M&S in terms of quality.

Their uniforms are designed with kids in mind with new technologies such as Stain Away TM, Triple Action Stormwear TM, Easy close top button, Expandicuff TM plus a variety of different fits and lengths.  Also many of the ranges feature crease resistance technology and there’s lots of non-iron options too (this caught my attention straight away!!)

So you see, it pays to be prepared! Honestly, come mid-August, when I see the stressed out parents in the Centre, I’m always glad to have gotten it out of the way early and I enjoy the Summer a lot more knowing I can hang out with the kids without the back to school burden hanging over me!

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