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Back to School Early Bird Offer with M&S

I know what you are going to say and trust me I said the same as you “They’re not even finished this year and you’re already talking about back to school”!

What if I told you that last year, by availing of the early bird discount with 20% Off at M&S I was able to save money and put it towards their summer camps! There was no last minute rush in August and I could enjoy the summer with the kids.

Sunday evenings in our house (i’m sure most of you can relate) consisted of Mammy in the kitchen spending hours ironing our uniforms, trying to get the pleats back into the skirts and going with a damp cloth trying to get a stain out that didn’t come out in the wash with the theme tune to Glenroe in the background!

Those days are well behind us thanks to M&S for giving their entire uniform range added superpowers. From StayNEWTM technology to weatherproof fabrics it eliminates all that stress! Here are some of the fantastic new features:

Stain & weatherproof

The water-repellent (and stain- resistant) finish means spills roll right off the fabric and kids stay dry in sudden downpours. Available on trousers, shorts, skirts, pinafores, blazers and coats.

Stain resistant

Whether they’ve been making mud pies or getting creative with the paints, Stainaway technology makes washing easy. Available on shirts, polos, blazers, trousers, shorts, skirts and pinafores.

Non iron

The iron can stay in the cupboard with this brilliant time-saving innovation. It’s heat-activated, so simply tumble-dry and hang up immediately. Job done.


This clever technology helps jumpers keep their colour, retain their shape and stay bobble-free, keeping kids looking super-smart.

Crease resistant

Plump for uniform that doesn’t crumple so they’ll look smart all school-day long – whatever they get up to.

Stretchy cuffs

Brilliantly clever, our ExpandicuffTMshirts mean children (up the age of 8) don’t have to mess around with fiddly sleeve buttons. Genius!!

The clever innovations don’t end there; Marks and Spencer Athlone also stock a range of scuff-resistant shoes, warm coats with Stormwear technology and coordinating socks and tights. They also have adjustable waist and hemlines that can grow while they grow.

This is just a small sample of the tried and tested quality and value on offer in the School Shop in Marks and Spencer Athlone right now. Call into the store to see the full range and get your kiddies all kitted out for the new school year ahead. Offer ends July 2nd