Guilt Free Snacks from TK Maxx

By 5th January 2018Food for thought, News

TK Maxx is not the first shop you think of when you’re looking for food, but it will be from today after you read this. 

We’ve stuck to our long time Christmas tradition of gaining the ‘festive 5 pounds’, but rather than go cold turkey (sorry, couldn’t resist) we’ve decided this year we’re going to ease ourselves back down from the sugar high we’ve been on since December 1st, so we were delighted to discover that TK Maxx actually have a huge range of healthy food in store.

It’s located right beside their fitness gear section, but that’s for another blog, lets not get carried away with ourselves people, baby steps!!

Here are our top tried and tested favourites:

Skinny Syrups

How are we only hearing about these now? They are all calorie free, sugar free, carb free and gluten free and there’s a huge range of flavours like cinnamon, toffee, salted dark chocolate espresso. We’ve been adding them to our morning coffee all week and the chocolate caramel truffle is definitely our favourite!

Bounce Energy Bites

We’ve been on the bounce ball bandwagon for a long time but we never realised you could buy them in TK Maxx! These little balls of energy are exactly what we crave come 11am! They do come in other flavours, but we’ve only ever tried the sweet and salty almond. Have you tried others? What’s your favourite?

Dark Chocolate Blueberries

Made with Real Blueberries so it counts as one of your 5 a day, right? And it’s only 180 calories per 40 gram serving! Although, you would be very tempted to eat the whole pack in one go as they are yummy!

Snack Shots

They come in a variety of flavours and we love that you get 10 individual ‘shots’ in a pack so no need to waste time weighing out portions, and no risk of guesstimating and accidentally going over your daily calorie allowance!


I’m not really a fan of peas so I really thought I wouldn’t like these, but it turns out chickpeas taste nothing like regular peas and these are delicious, especially this rockin ranch flavour!

Veggie Chips

No doubt the kids are also on a ‘Selction Box Detox’ too, and rightly so. In my house anyway, the only way to be successful at eating healthier is getting everyone involved. These have 45% less fat that ordinary crisps so they are definitely a better option and they come in cute mickey mouse shapes to make them more appealing to the kids!

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