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Tips for a Safe & Spooky Halloween

By 9th October 2020October 16th, 2020Family, News

Traditional Trick or Treating might not be an option this year but there are still fun ways we can all celebrate the spooky season safely!

Trick or Treating without meeting!

If you are leaving out treats for kids,  individually wrapped items are the best choice. We also found these cute little Halloween treat bags that you could pre pack and leave on your door step or in your porch with a sign telling little monsters to help themselves, if they dare! Another fun option is to fill Halloween balloons with treats instead of using bags, so they can have fun bursting them!

We also spotted these cute trick or treat bags on poles that would help keep your distance and also these Halloween themed face coverings for adults.

Ghostly Games in your Haunted House

If you’re celebrating at home you could go all out with the decorations, turning your home into a haunted house filled with terrifyingly tasty treats (Severed finger anyone?!)

Flying Tiger has lots of Halloween decorations


There are loads of Halloween activities you can do at home; a pumpkin carving contest, a monster movie marathon etc. This year there is actually going to be a full moon on Halloween night October 31st, so maybe let the kiddies stay up to see it and make a new memory with them! We also found these free printable Halloween bingo cards online,  you could even get more friends or family involved over zoom!

Cheap & Creepy Costumes

Many of use will be celebrating Halloween at home this year, so we won’t want to be spending a fortune on costumes! Our tip is to look for costumes that they will wear again throughout the year. From our experience, many little ones tend to prefer dressing as their favourite characters instead of anything too scary anyway. If you do want something Halloween themed, H&M have a selection of  low price accessories, and tops, sweaters and tracksuits that they will wear again too, or Eurogaint have simple ones for as little as €2! Here are a few ideas that don’t come with a terrifying price tag!….

H&M €17.99

H&M €4.99

H&M €12.99

TK Maxx €6.99

H&M €19.99

TK Maxx €6.99