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New Inglot X Beautiful Adventure Palette

We’re in love with the New Inglot X The Beautiful Adventure Palette by Terri McEvoy.

So much so that Stephanie from our ATC team went and bought it but she had one problem…. She didn’t know how to use it.

Stephanie had to turn to the professionals for help! Her makeup artist on the day was Jien Thum. Jien is part of the new 2019 Inglot Pro Artistry Team  so she was in good hands.

Stephanie documented her tutorial to help those who struggle with applying eye shadow just like her.

I look scary in this one..

Jein prepped my eyes using 13 All covered concealer. This will ensure the eye shadow will stay on longer and it is also used to brighten up the eye.

Concealer is €20

Starting with the lightest shade 167, Jien applied it to my brow bone using it as a highlighter, gently dabbing it on as opposed to bush strokes.

Jien then used the same colour and approach and applied it to my eyelids.

Moving on to the matte shade 292, Jien applied it to the outer corner of my eyelid using a 6SS brush to blend the eye shadow in a circular motion.  Jien also used this colour under my eyes. Using gentle brush stokes to blend it, giving it a subtle smokey look.

Jien then used the darker plum colour, AMC Shine 37. Again using small circular motions it was applied to the far outer corner of my eyelids, blending it into the base colour. She then applied AMC Shine 170 (lighter plum colour) to the middle of my eyelid and blended.

The next part tickled a bit! Jien applied 77 Gel liner to my water line by gently lifting my eyelid and applying it underneath my lashes. Moving out to my eyelid, starting from the center with the gel liner and brushing out as far as the last lash. (This is where i have been going wrong all the time)

After applying a setting spray, Jien used eye shadow 167 again but this time as a highlighter to give a nice natural glow. Using her 4SS brush (a bigger version of the 6SS) she applied the smallest amount to my cheekbones, nose and forehead.

Jien completed the look by applying no. 855 Lip liner and then the NEW Terry McEvoy Lipstick shade 331.

Inglot run free tutorials in store. The team are more than happy to help. Call today and make an appointment!

“I feel a lot more confident using my New Terry McEvoy Palette. Thank you Denise, Jien & your amazing team in Inglot Athlone”

Here are the products and brushes used in this tutorial.

Inglot X Terry McEvoy palette €35- Limited time only

Jien applied the new Terry McEvoy lipstick shade 331. €15

77 Gel liner used on eyelid and smudged into corner of eye €16

13 P Brush was used to smudge he gel liner  €14

6SS Brush was used to apply and blend the eye shadows €20

4SS Brush was used to apply the highlighter  €22