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Tried & Tested: Medical Microneedling @ The Laser and Skin Clinic

By 26th January 2018 January 29th, 2018 Beauty Fix

Just before Christmas I visited The Laser and Skin Clinic for a medical microneedling treatment, keep reading to see how I got on….

What is Medical Microneedling?

Basically it’s a treatment which causes micro-injuries to the skin. This then signals your body to naturally produce collagen, which of course makes your skin look younger and fresher!

There are different types of microneedling procedures and they differ a lot in terms of their methods and results. The Laser and Skin Clinic is a medical led skin clinic so they can offer Medical Microneedling using the most advanced equipment and techniques. They use a system called ‘Rejuvapen Microneedling’ which achieves far superior results than more traditional systems such as derma rollers.

What are the benefits of Medical Microneedling? 

This treatment was recommended for me during my consultation as I had really visible pores on my cheeks and nose, I also had fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes, but medical microneedling also works to treat other skin conditions like stretch marks and scars, it’s actually one of the most highly regarded treatments for acne scars and it’s suitable for all skin types and you can have it done on other areas of your body, not just your face.

How is the treatment performed?

Before the treatment, anaesthetic cream was applied to my face. My therapist, Mairead, then treated the skin on my face with the Rejuvapen. We documented the whole procedure on our Instagram Story at the time and I was able to chat away to Mairead during the treatment. The numbing cream made the whole experience pain free, all I could feel was a vibration but it wasn’t painful or even uncomfortable.

What happened next?

After my 40 minute treatment my skin was a bit red and I felt a bit flushed, kind of like sunburn, but Mairead was able to cover the redness with their gloMinerals make up and I was able to go straight back to work.

Over the following few days, my skin was a bit flaky, again kind of like sunburn, but Mairead had advised me that would happen as that’s my body’s rejuvenation process at work. This disappeared after 2/3 days and my skin was glowing!

The biggest difference I noticed was in the pores on my nose, I used to have this one particularly large pore right on the bridge of my nose and it literally just disappeared!

How much does it cost?

A course of 4-6 Medical Microneedling treatments is usually recommended to achieve best results. That was the case for me, but of course, that’ll depend on your particular skin concern, your therapist will go through that with you in your consultation.

For the month of January, The Laser and Skin Clinic is offering 3 for 2 on Selected Skin Treatments and this includes Medical Microneedling treatments, so you still have a few days left to buy them at the offer price and you can book your appointment then for a later date.

To find out more or book your consultation you can email The Laser and Skin Clinic or call them on 090 64 98839 Mon-Sat.

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