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As the Face of Athlone Towncentre, our Customer Service Advisor, Stephanie, likes to keep her face looking fabulous! She recently went for a consultation in The Laser and Skin Clinic. Keep reading to see how she got on…..

Day 1: The Consultation

I had my first appointment at The Laser and Skin Clinic yesterday. I had never actually been inside the Clinic before so I couldn’t get over how big it was inside. As well as the spacious waiting area there are 5 separate treatment rooms. I was also surprised to see so many people there as it was 7pm in the evening, but I suppose a lot of them we’re like me, popping in after work, it’s really handy that the Clinic is open late until 8PM, Tuesday to Friday!

As it was my first visit, the first thing I had to do was fill out some forms about my current skin care routine and my medical history. I usually cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise every morning so I thought I would get a gold star for my skin care routine but in fact my consultant, Mairead, said you shouldn’t exfoliate everyday as it’s too harsh on your skin. Instead she recommends to cleanse twice, once to remove make up and once to cleanse your skin! I haven’t even had the treatment yet and my skin is already benefiting!

The medical history section of the form is pretty detailed, this is because The Laser and Skin Clinic is a medical led clinic with a team of highly skilled nurses, doctors and aesthetic therapists. The treatment I am hoping to have is a Medical Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production. Some places do a cheaper, lower strength microdermabrasion treatment but The Laser and Skin Clinic only use medical-grade Microdermabrasion machines because they are FDA approved, give a deeper exfoliation and more impressive and lasting results, that’s what I’m after!

Skin Scanner

Once my paperwork was complete, Mairead examined my face using the new skin scanner at the Clinic.

It’s a pretty cool piece of technology, it uses LED and magnification to take photos of your skin and you can even connect your own phone and take photos of the results!
Scroll down to see my results!

I won’t lie I was pretty shocked. I wasn’t expecting it to be do drastic as I hadn’t been in the sun all year, but Mairead explained that pigmentation can also be hormonal too, or caused by other factors like infrared radiation from your phone, TV or computer screen. That’s a pretty scary thought because between work and at home, I spend a lot of time looking at screens, I think a lot of us are probably guilty of that!

The darkness around my eyes isn’t pigmentation, it’s actually from dehydration, probably made worse by my over enthusiastic exfoliation routine!

After examining my face and listening to my own concerns about my skin, Mairead recommended that I have the Advanced Microdermabrasion Treatment: a medical microdermabrasion treatment combined with a mask to target my specific skin issues.

I’m hoping this will help with the pigmentation on my forehead and the congestion in my pores in my T-zone. She also recommended that I introduce a high quality sunscreen like Obagi or Heliocare and an eye cream into my daily routine but she said she’ll go through all that with me after the treatment so I’ll keep you posted on that the next time.

I’m going back next week on my lunch break for the treatment. It only takes 40 minutes with the mask, there’s no recovery time at all, in fact Mairead said I should see an immediate improvement, so I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of compliments at the Information Desk.

Steph x

The Laser & Skin Clinic is located on Level 0 in Athlone Towncentre, right beside NEXT. Microdermabrasion treatments are available from €90. You can book your consultation online or call the Clinic on 090-6498839 to find out more.

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