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New Year, New Beginnings … 

Let’s face it, I think we all can agree there’s something about January that sparks the urge to reset or embrace on a new beginning. A month where wellness & self-care is more important than ever, when people are getting extra organised after the come down from Christmas – it’s a time to focus on you.

That being said, kickstarting into a healthy lifestyle of eating habits, journaling, daily walks or the return to the gym is on top of everyone’s list. That’s why we want to play our part in rounding up some ‘New Year essentials’ to help you during your 2023 journey.

All available from across some of your favourite stores in the centre!

P.S: Happy New Year, make it an extra special one…

For healthy meals and cooking ideas – Eason

For daily walks and leisure – JD Sports 

For the great outdoors & rainy weather – Regatta 

For your immune system with lots of options available – M&S 

For the everyday essentials – Shop Here 

For planning – Art & Hobby 

For everybody’s health – McGorisks Pharmacy 

For hiking – Skechers 

For wellness & self-care – TK MAXX