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As September looms closer, it’s easy to leave everything until last minute unintentionally. Then comes the rush of school books, school bags, stationery, lunches and all the rest!

So here are our top tips for school uniform shopping this year for any parent who is new to the back to school routine, or just looking for some handy tips.

1. Be prepared

Don’t be the parent running into M&S the night before school starts looking for a shirt because you ordered it last minute online and it wont be there on time. I can promise you whatever size you need, it will probably be long gone!

2. Look for the stress free options

M&S have developed everything from crease resistant, non-iron, water repellent and stain resistant uniforms. Why add extra stress in during the morning routine when you can avail of these technologies from M&S.

3. Buy quality and think of the future

M&S have adjustable waists in their trousers and drop down hems in their skirts and pinafores to give you that extra bit of wear as they grow, and did we mention, all M&S uniforms are all made with sustainably sourced cotton and recycled buttons and thread. so you’re even doing your bit for the environment when you chose M&S too!

4. Have a back up!

This is Ireland after all so slips and trips are bound to happen, especially on soggy football fields! Keeping kids comfortable and dry is so important while they are in school, so whether its having a spare school uniform or even just a coat on the sunniest day of the year, always being prepared for the unexpected allows them to get on with their day.

5. Label everything

20 children in a class, all wearing the same jumper. It is so important to label all your children’s items to avoid any confusion in who owns what. There is nothing worse than having your children come home with someone else’s clothes and having to go track down the rightful owner. Labelling everything prevents those incidents and awkward conversations.

6. Try on everything

Make sure everything fits two weeks before going back to school, this includes shoes especially!

Even in the few weeks between buying the uniforms and going back to school you would be surprised with how fast they might grow so keep that in mind when you are selecting sizes too!

M&S also have scuff-resistant shoes, coats with storm weather technology to ensure your kids keep warm, socks, tights, backpacks, you name it! M&S Athlone is a one stops shop for everything back to school. Located on level 1 across from TK Maxx.